electric and magnetic properties of materials

إسم المؤلف: د. محفوظ شلبي
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سنة النشر: 2013
القطع: 24×17
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رقم الإيداع: 2010/20172
الترقيم الدولى: 2- 2905- 10- 977- 978
نبذة عن الكتاب: This book deals with the electric and magnetic properties of materials, and the physical phenomena associated with these properties. Classical and simplified models are used for the study of the physical phenomena taking place in the microscopic scale. When necessary results of wave and quantum mechanics are introduced as facts without proof to complete the classical models which provide then a reasonable amount of insight into the physical mechanisms which underlie the properties of materials. The book gives a brief and simple introduction to provide some basic knowledge on the structure of atoms and crystals of solids. It follows at first a study concerning with the electrical conductivity of metals. The analogy between dielectric and magnetic properties makes it reasonable to discuss both properties together. However, the dielectric properties can mostly be described on the basis of classical models, while the magnetic properties merely in terms of wave and quantum mechanics. This makes it preferable to start with the study of the dielectric properties followed with the study of the magnetic properties. Several solved examples and problems have been included to help understanding the applications to the theory. Superconductivity is now more attractive for many applications after the discovery of high temperature superconductors. This made the subject of superconductivity very essential for the electrical engineer where a short and simple presentation is covered at the end of the book. The book is suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate students of Electrical Engineering as well as for practicing engineers.